Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vintage belt lots. Made fresh daily!

Something new for all ya'll who may have actually lost some weight this holiday season.

Belt Lots!!! Vintage Belt Lots that is (not just any old soulless and modern pants retention device).

Wait!! Before you start rolling your eyes at me....weight is not worth losing if it takes a 24 hour stomach bug that sticks around for 3+ days and insists that food exiting body must be allowed to use nasal cavities which typically are not desirable lanes for food trafficking.

So yeah, I lost some weight. But that taco soup recipe? The delicious vegetarian one my relatives made me over Christmas? Yeah, I won't be needing that. But thanks anyway, it was great the first time around.

Check me out!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White leather fetishism at its darkest

White Hot Leather

White combat boots for babies who crush skulls (and melt faces)

White leather to wear to the ballet!

Summertime expressions of leather love

White Leather Hurache sandals for the baby

that is cooler than you are

(Sorry, but they do exist)

All these and more in the shop this week!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

7 Dollar Shoe Sale! Going on All....Century!

So, would you think I was crazy if I told you I wanted to do a 7 Dollar Shoe sale and I wanted to keep it ongoing until we had 777 listings of $7 shoes for sale, and that I would stop at nothing to make sure this is accomplished?! (scratch that last part, I just wanted to sound like a bad ass who might do something really dangerous....all in the name of capitalism. And in the name of fueling my passion for shoe rescue missions and treasure hunting for others besides myself.)

I just wanted to see if you'd think I was crazy if I did that.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm not deep.

Honestly I have learned more about Mr Karloff this past week (a fair amount) than I'd ever learned in all my life (not alot). Its been fun stalking all ya'lls blogs and joining some too. What does that mean anyway, join a blog? I ain't plannin' on doing nuthin. Sho ain't planning on working!! Anyways, I really feel like a cheese saying this, but I've become even more of an admirer of old Willie Pratt's since this week started. I obviously am not a professional, an expert, a long time nutjob of a fan (I say this with utmost respect) or a scholar as some of ya'll are who are part of this blogothon. Its been wild man. Don't look at me! I just came here to run. And run I did. I ran while watching Boris. I ran many times thinking about Boris. And I ran in honor of Boris (and homeless people) by sneaking into the Boulevard Bolt with my little sis this year which is her yearly tradition. (So what! Some families run together for charity on the morning of Thanksgiving every year, and other families sneak into charity runs the morning of Thanksgiving every year. To each his own, I say.)

Like I said...a cool drink of water this one.

Seriously ladies! Its like he was Sean Connery before Sean Connery was even Sean Connery.

This kind of sex appeal just isn't even fair.

The thing I hadn't previously known about him was something any airhead such as myself could find by just traipsing through his wikipedia entry, about how he took the name Boris Karloff to avoid bringing shame or embarrassment upon his family. I guess thats one way to look at it, but what if he just wanted a fresh start? Maybe the name Pratt just wasn't doing it for him. Its not like he just picked some other generically white name. Boris Karloff? Really, William? So sure, its noble to say that you want to protect or buffer your family from any public disgrace or shame you might bring upon them by being connected to (shiver in disgust), but I think its just that he wanted to be Boris Karloff. So he just did. He really, really did. And it was definitely not shameful and it was 100% undead sexy.

Go Bo!

The guy was born in 1887.
Again, just plain

More to come on blog stalking, changing your identity, and bringing shame and disgrace upon your family. Thanks for "joining"!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Karloff's urbane mummy and undead style on the "silent" screen

I just wanted to post somethin' about Boris Karloff's incredibly stylish manner in the Mummy. I'm awful, I wanted to finish it earlier but I got tied up.

Oh gosh, I couldn't help that. Super sorry, all. For the cheesy pun and the tardy blog entry. I'm diggin myself a hole here....Back to Boris!!! What a dreamboat....

I believe this is called a tall drink of water.

So....I loved Boris Karloff's transformation after he makes his break from the crypt. What a babe!! So what if his skin looked like he had 12 mud masks just one on top of the other. Black kohl lined eyes, AND brows? Oh hell naw! And the harem pants & tunic getup? Insane.
I wanted to post some things to my Etsy shop and feature them here in honor of Boris Karloff's gender-bending, undead glam-mummy fashion metamorphosis. I will have to get it posted to the shop later, but for now you can just enjoy the pics below. I know these are totally from different times and countries, but they all reminded me of his simple yet debonair undead style. He lifted us up a bit with that performance. Any of us would be proud to call him our zombie breathren.

Enjoy and I'll try and get my crap together and post more frequently. I sleep 2-3 hours a night already, so I'll be needing a time machine or time stopper if anyone has one handy.

Turkish slippers? Can't read the writing on the label, sorry.

But it made me think of him in this movie.

That same style. Slippers for the undead sexy.

Oh Boris....your undead style was so fashion forward!

So sophisticated, straight from the crypt!!!

Indian Man's outfit, harem style pants and tunic top.

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Post & First Run of Boris' Blogathon

Man I didn't realize how much Boris could get the blood flowin'. Hoooweeee!!! I decided to start off my first day of the Boris blogathon with an hour long run during a Netflix showing of The Mummy. Have I ever told you how addicted I am to the Wii Fit long run?(specifically the 30 minute one, I do it twice for an hour of mindless pounding on the carpeted pavement of my little room.)

Usually I just zone out and wait for other Mii's to wipe out in my path or sometimes I'll watch a movie if I don't have a kid napping in the room. I did today, so I had to watch it on mute but it was still deliciously creepy. When his crackled and ring-laden hand slowly caresses the scroll I definitely picked up my pace. I felt totally affirmed by my choice in movies when the camera cuts from the horrified gaze of the douche in highwaisted pants who broke into the mini (forbidden) box with the scroll in it, slowly moving down to the ground and catches the last afterworld-stained inches of his funereal coverings cruisin' across the threshold to the disbelief of the now mad douchebag with wavy blond locks.

What an awesome movie! And I knocked out 10 miles. My goal is to complete at least 26 this week as a (broken up) marathon during a blogathon. This should be no problem cause I run 3 times a week about 10 miles each time and the other days I let Jillian Micheals abuse the bleep out of me using a workout video, some hand weights, and pure sadistic buoyancy. I love that lady. That evil evil lady.
Tomorrow I'll talk more about undead style in this feature as well as the rugged urbanity of Karloff's mummy. Smell you later.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good things in store!

Good news!
For those of you with a lil walking around's a preview of some of the families of vagabond clothing and accessories that will be available for your purchasing pleasure *today.

Its like a game of Vintage Clothes Twister got just a lit-tle out of hand.

After these kids tap out, I will be working my little tail off posting a bunch of items to the store tonight because I have procrastinated too long and have got to let these little birds fly. If you love something you have to set it free, you know? So I'm doing it....I'm letting go....releasing them back into the wild.

And then if they fly out of your closet and back to my house and into my closet then it means they were really mine after all. I think that's how the old saying goes.

What I affectionately like to call boat shoes and also some moccosins

and then their wonderful baby offspring which are boat shoes with beaded moccosin tops.

My eyes are watering.

These boots were made for walkin' this instance...walkin' after midnight.

Snakeskin collection circa 1982-1987 (ish)

And yes...more metallics. Shine on.

There are good things in store for you. Glorious Day!

(*Note: We hold to the "COB" rule which allows for the close of my "business day" being the close of the actual day which means 12 midnight. So basically what I am trying to say is...this stuff won't really all get loaded until midnight at the soonest....but just know its on its way.)


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Promo for Early Infectees

This guy looks hungry...

As a grand opening promo,
Reanimated Rags will be offering a special freebie to all new customers.

Be an early infectee.
For the month of November,
no matter the total,
all orders will come with a
handcrafted and undead-styled
Nashville Zombie pencil.

Will fill in scantron sheets for food

These pencils are truly one of a kind, and specially made for early infectees. These won't be available to the general public until December at the earliest, so order now and be the first in your bridge club to have an authentic, one of a kind, specially made Nashville Zombie Pencil!

Come and get it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Only 364 Days til next Halloween!

Here's what I wore as my Halloween '09 Costume. Country and Western Interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, undead version. Pretty easy and last minute. The wig was lent from a friend who had a bagful of blond wigs (another blog for another day!) and maggot hair barrettes from The Filigree. Everything else was just mine from my collection. Vintage homemade square dancing dress, boots, 2 pairs of tights (hot!) and a vintage mosaic mandolin brooch/pin that I acquired off of Ebay years ago.

Yeah, so what if I am lazy and recycled the same costume 2 nights in a row. Friday night was short lived because my childcare window (sexy stuff here, huh?) was pretty slim, so I had to warp over to the Venus and Mars party, check out all the cool costumed partygoers, nod my head to some Daft Punk and down my 2 complimentary beverages. I got a couple cool pics and hopefully didn't melt too many eyeballs with my interpretation of Lewis Carroll's muse.

On a totally side note, CBS Sunday Morning did a spot on zombies in case you didn't catch it. We're totally mainstream man..... Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Hair Inspiration for Undead Halloween looks

Happy Eve of" All Saints' Day!!

Hey errybody! This is the wig I will be wearing out tonight. I just wanted to share some hair inspiration for those of you with access to maggot jewelry custom made by the Filigree. (nyah nyah)

I have a square dancing dress that has blue shoulders and a blue and white body and for some reason makes me think of Alice's getup. I already had some black and white striped tights (as any red blooded american woman should)so to "zombify" them I just put them on underneath and then put a pair of well ripped up black pantyhose over it. So it has the duel effect of darkening the white in the tights but also making it look slightly more "toe up" for lack of a better term. I'll show some pics of the tights later...too lazy right now and rushing off to start the festivities for the night.

Maggot Barrettes (mother and child) on loan from the Filigree

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fast Times at Venus and Mars Showroom High

Talk about a smash and grab.....I probably spent longer throwing the makeup on and getting the wig not to look like something an old woman at a slot machine in a dumpy casino off the beaten path would wear. I unfortunately don't have the pictures ready yet but to whet your appetite I will just use this as a placeholder so you can get a feel for my costume. If you care, that is.

I thought surely that a party christened "Through the Looking Glass" would be filled to the gills with Alices, and I guess it was, but I was actually pretty surprised to find myself the only undead Alice. (unless she was in the ladies room and I missed her, in which case please accept my sincerest apologies, fellow Zombie Alice). I had worried that my regular run of the mill undead Alice would be too common that I went whole hog as Country & Western undead Alice in Wonderland, which I thought would make me safe. It did. Maybe too safe because not too many people wanted to approach me except for those with cameras. (is that bad?)

Delectable Adult Beverages served by handsome barkeeps, Spectacular decor both in the normal shop but also for the party, Super great costumes and high spirited dancing and fun by a cavalcade of people born from unapologetic sexual selection. Everything a good Halloween party should include, right? I have to admit it was fun mingling with the beautiful people. More pictures tomorrow! Have a good night and rest up....Halloween is here!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to do a Zombie Manicure for the enjoyment of your dear trick or treaters

Okay, so you're wanting to do something fun for Halloween but just can't bear to buy the nail decals or pay to have someone paint your nails some silly design in orange and black, eh? Well I think I have just the thing for you~~~

First you should make sure your nails are clean, dry and preferably short so as not to look too creepy or Elvira-y. Mine are currently short due to figgety behaviors like nail biting this week. How serendipidous!

Next you can paint all your other nails except leave one to be the "zombie." This is how I like to do it to really keep it as minimalist as possible. I usually do all red or all black except like I said...leave one nail. Preferably the meanest and baddest one you got.

After you've gotten your other nails painted as you like them, you just need to paint the zombie nail a base of white. While its drying you can read my blog or check out my etsy shop.

When the white nail enamel is dry, just dot it with 2 dots of black laquered nail polish for the eyes and a tiny little slit for a nose. I then try to do the smallest and thinnest mouth possible (see pic) This particular night I just couldn't get it right with the eyes and the nose, and my cuticles are atrocious, but you get the idea so I won't be losing any sleep over this "spread", I assure you.

She looks innocent enough, huh? Just you wait!!

The last step is the funnest part. Depending on my mood that day, the zombie will either have a moderate or an enormous amount of "blood" (red nail polish) coming down each side of her mouth, which for effect MUST drip down onto the skin of your fingers so as to not only remind someone of bleeding cuticles (nassssttyyyy....creeeppppyyyy) but also to add to that that classic and almost simple zombie Day of the Dead slash Beetlejuice style look which I prefer over the overly latexed and corn flaked zombie looks.

(sorry, no offense to my corn-flaked undead know its just cause I'm lazy and can't compete with your technique....I don't have 20 million hours to put on zombie facepaint although sometimes I wish I did)

Lastly, cover your nails in a speed dry coat or top coat which should seal it all in and help it last a couple more days. The fun part is the "blood" that is on your finger skin will eventually start to rub off which lessens the effect and then in a day or so (if you don't wash your hands it may last longer but that is not advised in flu season) it will only have the blood coming down the nail and stopping at the finger. HOW FUN!

This one's a bit janky, but so are all my are starting to understand me and I like that.

I made this up one day this past summer when I was unusually obsessed with the classic zombie look.

Who knows....maybe this type of mani could get viral! (pun not intended)

Thanks for checking me out!!! 1 day til Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fellow Vintage Horror Film enthusiasts and bloggers: Boris Karloff Blogathon Nov.23-29

I am proud to announce that I will be running in my first ever blogathon on November 23-29!!! Yes, you can too run in a blogathon. You can do almost anything you want while blogging, I am sure of it. Also if you will allow a cheesy pun it is my mouth that I'll be running, not these sexy gams!
~~~Trois Snaps~~~

Hope to see you all participatin'!

If you need more info or want to sign up, visit

I just stumbled upon this blog today by happenstance. Sweet!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Metallic Clothing Installment #5,702

Just when you thought it was safe (to be bland) I hit you with even more metal!!

Check out some of the new items hitting the store today....

This slew of metallic duds will pull you in like a friggin' magnet!

All of it is vintage,
soft at times,
tough when it needs to be,
and always memorable.

What Cleopatra might wear if she was born in the 60's
...and liked keyhole necks

A silver shirt to end all other silver shirts (lives)

Metallic and Sheer (danger!! danger!!)

Who doesn't need a vintage gold metallic dolmas sleeved shirt?

Silver zip up turtleneck with puffy wrists

**Forehead vein not included

All this and mo' metal at

Thanks for checkin' me out, and hopefully these radical clothes didn't melt too many faces!