Monday, July 19, 2010

Gladiator Graveyard

I know this is old news by now but I don't care, cause the minute I'd heard about it I knew I wanted to do a post about it, and I'm just getting to it now. I'm really a procrastinator, my bad.

Here's what I heard...well since you can't get the audio, read what I heard.

If you actually want to read about the real gladiator graveyard that was discovered recently then you can get more info below.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

First annual July 4th photo shoot to celebrate liberation from an uncut lawn.
Sorry for the late post.
You should know by now...

A hoarder's dress collection gets outside for the first time in months....
and these are the photos.

So....Does this dress cut me at some weird angles or what? Its like it was specially made for an awkward short chick or a boringly perfect "tallie" (my new derogatory word for tall people). So I guess that gives me my answer. Definitely putting in the "For Sale" pile after years and years of proper hoarding. Look at me, speaking with such confidence as if I will actually pull that 20 cent trigger and let her go, oh you silly silly people. We'll see how strong I can really be when none of these show up in the shop. I'm such a wimp I sicken myself. Okay I'll shut up now and leave you with some parting shots. Don't be freaked out mom. Everyone knows I am prettier without facepaint. Some day this will be funny too, like all the other stuff I did to you. Luuuyyuuuu, c/rr

Anyone up for some croquet?

I promise I won't eat your brains.

Or we could just 'set' a while and talk....

luyu, rr