Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Shoe Fairy and more Grannies and Ropers on the way!

Introducing an all new listing category "Dear Shoe Fairy,..." for those of you with imagination as well as great style!! Here's a little preview...
What can this be?

Are you a Country & Western beatle boot or is it just me?

What are you?

Gladiator sandals, lace up booties or oxford heels? Who do you think you are?

No really, I can wait...

These and more fashion iconoclasts and design delinquents in my etsy shop this week!

Plus a wagon full of ropers, granny boots, snow and rain boots, ankle boots, slouch boots, cowboy boots, fringe boots, pirates, pixies and hiking boots.

And that's not all....New listings coming under our ongoing Bows At The Toes (BATT) sales, more 7 Dollar Shoe Sales and our own version of the 127 Corridor Sale launching in Spring '10 called "Hoarder's Delight" which I think you can figure out on your own, right? Okay, if not... It will essentially be vintage items I have hoarded away for whatever reason for anywhere from 20 days to 20 years. Yeah, pretty sick, eh? Keep in mind some of these gems have been nicely tucked and hidden away, ready for you to present to the world, since I dropped the ball!

Gotta clear out the winter goodies to make way for a whole slew of technicolor flats, heels and moccasins to get you primed and ready for spring!

Stay tuned....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Outlaw shoe roundups!

These outlaws were brought in today for questioning and trial.
Their crime?
Being so cool they shouldn't be allowed to go out free anymore without supervision.

The Dexter Three

The Bandolino Three

and Three Ladies' (shoes) with snakelike characteristics

(A Side View in case you are able to apprehend them without assistance from law enforcement)

Going on right now and all this week.....outlaw shoe roundups happening in my Etsy shop!!

Dexters, Bandolinos, snakeskin pumps, leather Huarache sandals, woven leather oxfords, granny boots, roper boots, ropin' granny boots, sweater lined boots, rain boots, sexy hikers and a couple of pixies and pirates to boot! (last pun not intended). Check out the shop before any more of this stuff is hauled off for questioning and assimilation into someone else's gang of tough clothes.

Oh yeah, and more vintage belt lots and other accessories are being apprehended daily!

(Seriously though... these would make quite a lovely mug shot, eh?)