Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm not deep.

Honestly I have learned more about Mr Karloff this past week (a fair amount) than I'd ever learned in all my life (not alot). Its been fun stalking all ya'lls blogs and joining some too. What does that mean anyway, join a blog? I ain't plannin' on doing nuthin. Sho ain't planning on working!! Anyways, I really feel like a cheese saying this, but I've become even more of an admirer of old Willie Pratt's since this week started. I obviously am not a professional, an expert, a long time nutjob of a fan (I say this with utmost respect) or a scholar as some of ya'll are who are part of this blogothon. Its been wild man. Don't look at me! I just came here to run. And run I did. I ran while watching Boris. I ran many times thinking about Boris. And I ran in honor of Boris (and homeless people) by sneaking into the Boulevard Bolt with my little sis this year which is her yearly tradition. (So what! Some families run together for charity on the morning of Thanksgiving every year, and other families sneak into charity runs the morning of Thanksgiving every year. To each his own, I say.)

Like I said...a cool drink of water this one.

Seriously ladies! Its like he was Sean Connery before Sean Connery was even Sean Connery.

This kind of sex appeal just isn't even fair.

The thing I hadn't previously known about him was something any airhead such as myself could find by just traipsing through his wikipedia entry, about how he took the name Boris Karloff to avoid bringing shame or embarrassment upon his family. I guess thats one way to look at it, but what if he just wanted a fresh start? Maybe the name Pratt just wasn't doing it for him. Its not like he just picked some other generically white name. Boris Karloff? Really, William? So sure, its noble to say that you want to protect or buffer your family from any public disgrace or shame you might bring upon them by being connected to (shiver in disgust), but I think its just that he wanted to be Boris Karloff. So he just did. He really, really did. And it was definitely not shameful and it was 100% undead sexy.

Go Bo!

The guy was born in 1887.
Again, just plain

More to come on blog stalking, changing your identity, and bringing shame and disgrace upon your family. Thanks for "joining"!