Monday, November 23, 2009

First Post & First Run of Boris' Blogathon

Man I didn't realize how much Boris could get the blood flowin'. Hoooweeee!!! I decided to start off my first day of the Boris blogathon with an hour long run during a Netflix showing of The Mummy. Have I ever told you how addicted I am to the Wii Fit long run?(specifically the 30 minute one, I do it twice for an hour of mindless pounding on the carpeted pavement of my little room.)

Usually I just zone out and wait for other Mii's to wipe out in my path or sometimes I'll watch a movie if I don't have a kid napping in the room. I did today, so I had to watch it on mute but it was still deliciously creepy. When his crackled and ring-laden hand slowly caresses the scroll I definitely picked up my pace. I felt totally affirmed by my choice in movies when the camera cuts from the horrified gaze of the douche in highwaisted pants who broke into the mini (forbidden) box with the scroll in it, slowly moving down to the ground and catches the last afterworld-stained inches of his funereal coverings cruisin' across the threshold to the disbelief of the now mad douchebag with wavy blond locks.

What an awesome movie! And I knocked out 10 miles. My goal is to complete at least 26 this week as a (broken up) marathon during a blogathon. This should be no problem cause I run 3 times a week about 10 miles each time and the other days I let Jillian Micheals abuse the bleep out of me using a workout video, some hand weights, and pure sadistic buoyancy. I love that lady. That evil evil lady.
Tomorrow I'll talk more about undead style in this feature as well as the rugged urbanity of Karloff's mummy. Smell you later.