Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Hair Inspiration for Undead Halloween looks

Happy Eve of" All Saints' Day!!

Hey errybody! This is the wig I will be wearing out tonight. I just wanted to share some hair inspiration for those of you with access to maggot jewelry custom made by the Filigree. (nyah nyah)

I have a square dancing dress that has blue shoulders and a blue and white body and for some reason makes me think of Alice's getup. I already had some black and white striped tights (as any red blooded american woman should)so to "zombify" them I just put them on underneath and then put a pair of well ripped up black pantyhose over it. So it has the duel effect of darkening the white in the tights but also making it look slightly more "toe up" for lack of a better term. I'll show some pics of the tights later...too lazy right now and rushing off to start the festivities for the night.

Maggot Barrettes (mother and child) on loan from the Filigree

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fast Times at Venus and Mars Showroom High

Talk about a smash and grab.....I probably spent longer throwing the makeup on and getting the wig not to look like something an old woman at a slot machine in a dumpy casino off the beaten path would wear. I unfortunately don't have the pictures ready yet but to whet your appetite I will just use this as a placeholder so you can get a feel for my costume. If you care, that is.

I thought surely that a party christened "Through the Looking Glass" would be filled to the gills with Alices, and I guess it was, but I was actually pretty surprised to find myself the only undead Alice. (unless she was in the ladies room and I missed her, in which case please accept my sincerest apologies, fellow Zombie Alice). I had worried that my regular run of the mill undead Alice would be too common that I went whole hog as Country & Western undead Alice in Wonderland, which I thought would make me safe. It did. Maybe too safe because not too many people wanted to approach me except for those with cameras. (is that bad?)

Delectable Adult Beverages served by handsome barkeeps, Spectacular decor both in the normal shop but also for the party, Super great costumes and high spirited dancing and fun by a cavalcade of people born from unapologetic sexual selection. Everything a good Halloween party should include, right? I have to admit it was fun mingling with the beautiful people. More pictures tomorrow! Have a good night and rest up....Halloween is here!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to do a Zombie Manicure for the enjoyment of your dear trick or treaters

Okay, so you're wanting to do something fun for Halloween but just can't bear to buy the nail decals or pay to have someone paint your nails some silly design in orange and black, eh? Well I think I have just the thing for you~~~

First you should make sure your nails are clean, dry and preferably short so as not to look too creepy or Elvira-y. Mine are currently short due to figgety behaviors like nail biting this week. How serendipidous!

Next you can paint all your other nails except leave one to be the "zombie." This is how I like to do it to really keep it as minimalist as possible. I usually do all red or all black except like I said...leave one nail. Preferably the meanest and baddest one you got.

After you've gotten your other nails painted as you like them, you just need to paint the zombie nail a base of white. While its drying you can read my blog or check out my etsy shop.

When the white nail enamel is dry, just dot it with 2 dots of black laquered nail polish for the eyes and a tiny little slit for a nose. I then try to do the smallest and thinnest mouth possible (see pic) This particular night I just couldn't get it right with the eyes and the nose, and my cuticles are atrocious, but you get the idea so I won't be losing any sleep over this "spread", I assure you.

She looks innocent enough, huh? Just you wait!!

The last step is the funnest part. Depending on my mood that day, the zombie will either have a moderate or an enormous amount of "blood" (red nail polish) coming down each side of her mouth, which for effect MUST drip down onto the skin of your fingers so as to not only remind someone of bleeding cuticles (nassssttyyyy....creeeppppyyyy) but also to add to that that classic and almost simple zombie Day of the Dead slash Beetlejuice style look which I prefer over the overly latexed and corn flaked zombie looks.

(sorry, no offense to my corn-flaked undead know its just cause I'm lazy and can't compete with your technique....I don't have 20 million hours to put on zombie facepaint although sometimes I wish I did)

Lastly, cover your nails in a speed dry coat or top coat which should seal it all in and help it last a couple more days. The fun part is the "blood" that is on your finger skin will eventually start to rub off which lessens the effect and then in a day or so (if you don't wash your hands it may last longer but that is not advised in flu season) it will only have the blood coming down the nail and stopping at the finger. HOW FUN!

This one's a bit janky, but so are all my are starting to understand me and I like that.

I made this up one day this past summer when I was unusually obsessed with the classic zombie look.

Who knows....maybe this type of mani could get viral! (pun not intended)

Thanks for checking me out!!! 1 day til Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fellow Vintage Horror Film enthusiasts and bloggers: Boris Karloff Blogathon Nov.23-29

I am proud to announce that I will be running in my first ever blogathon on November 23-29!!! Yes, you can too run in a blogathon. You can do almost anything you want while blogging, I am sure of it. Also if you will allow a cheesy pun it is my mouth that I'll be running, not these sexy gams!
~~~Trois Snaps~~~

Hope to see you all participatin'!

If you need more info or want to sign up, visit

I just stumbled upon this blog today by happenstance. Sweet!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Metallic Clothing Installment #5,702

Just when you thought it was safe (to be bland) I hit you with even more metal!!

Check out some of the new items hitting the store today....

This slew of metallic duds will pull you in like a friggin' magnet!

All of it is vintage,
soft at times,
tough when it needs to be,
and always memorable.

What Cleopatra might wear if she was born in the 60's
...and liked keyhole necks

A silver shirt to end all other silver shirts (lives)

Metallic and Sheer (danger!! danger!!)

Who doesn't need a vintage gold metallic dolmas sleeved shirt?

Silver zip up turtleneck with puffy wrists

**Forehead vein not included

All this and mo' metal at

Thanks for checkin' me out, and hopefully these radical clothes didn't melt too many faces!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Signs of tough times in a southern undead pantry

The current mission: To just eat out of the fridge, freezer and pantry without replenishing certain items that I decided we could do without temporarily to save money and eliminate excessive driving about town shopping for crap and more crap. (broke AND lazy). So in that spirit and while craving waffles, I learned I could just make my own pancake mix from scratch...Yeah, whatever...I know you guys are probably way cooler than me and have been milling your own flours for years, but yeah, me? uh, not so much. That being said, I felt like a chump immediately, thinking of all the hard earned money the Bisquick family had made off us before I had stumbled upon this realization of my own inherent power over my pancake destiny. (rubbing calloused hands and creasing forehead wrinkled from a life of toil)
Those opulent Bisquicks, just slathering about in all their bounty. Yeah, I said "slathering." It just felt like something they'd do. Those damn Bisquicks.

Yeah..on the neverending To Do List is to make fake blood from corn syrup and red food coloring if I can ever find it (apparently red food coloring has been outlawed, can't find it anywhere.) So thats why you see a generic Kroger brand bottle here, scribbled with a sharpie-"For Fake Blood" on the bottle of corn syrup, (the root of all evil, yeah, that same one). So we win the prize for brokiest of the broke. (pause for rock star leaps into the air in slow motion, ending with pounding bellies on the way down) You saw it here first. Fake- Fake Blood. Made from generic ingredients for that extra dash of poorness that really brings out the poverty-strickenness in your brokeness.

For those of us too tight for the Real-Fake Blood. Damn.

This one's for all my homies drinking wine out of boxes if you're lucky enough to get it!! (raising clenched fist) Here's to all my powdered-milk-makin' compatriots! Powder to the People! (Yeah, I went there, so what) Get that 39 cent box of Jiffy cornbread out and - people get eat some cornbread and beans. (swaying side to side)

But in all seriousness, if you need help reconstituting powdered milk, check out this useful resource

Friday, October 16, 2009

All Your Bass are Belong to Us

I wish I was skilled enough to have made my own video version and overdubbed "Bass" over "Base" each time it was said, because you guys deserve nothing less than the best. You also deserve nothing less than the Bass. In that spirit, behold my Bass Sunjuns stockpile...if you desire what could possibly be the most comfortable sandal in the history of the land. Also there is one pair of Bass heels that are unworn and even come wrapped in the original box with tissue.

Like I said, you guys deserve the best. Check them out and more at

Okay fine, the Original version is here.

Mine would have melted faces though!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heavy "Metal," collars, and other types of clothes for your (deviant or domesticated) consideration

I went on a smash and grab into my piles and piles of clothes to add to the store (overwhelming, I must say). I decided to model a few for you personally rather than just throwing them on a headless mannequin, which can be a little creepy and not necessarily in a good way. So without further ado....

We have first and foremost one dress that is both "metal" (color) and slightly clownish (collar). Can you imagine a more provocative combination? We all want to feel like bad ass rock stars sometimes and I know I feel like a clown at least 7-8 times a day, so I hate to lose this baby. But its for the greater good, ladies. Just give her a good home, will ya?

Next up, in true Reanimated Rags fashion we are going guardrail to guardrail to take you from 1970’s/80’s gold threaded ruffly collared temptress to 1960's floral neon housewife. (She is inside each of us, just waiting to break out...) My favorite part of this housedress are the oversized pockets which would be handy for carrying a Harlequin romance and a carton of cigarettes in one side and a full sized bottle of pine sol in the other.

These next two items are like a scary trip into the past…. Nightgowns.
But not your fresh out of the Victoria’s Secret catalog “sexy nightgowns.” I’m talking your old school, country, made of flannel or some other highly insulating fiber, which basically says to the world, not only am I not here for your pleasure, but I’m not even here for mine! I mean, who needs an electric blanket when you got one of these?

I see a zombie country Christmas in someone’s future. Emerald green with cream lace ruffled collar that goes all around the back of the gown (funny to say “gown” and really mean GOWN) and then for easy access, a zip that says “maybe I’ll squeeze you in between Lawrence Welk and my cross-stitching, dear.”And let’s never never never forget the deep, primal and timeless sensuality of the color Red. This red gown with plaid and lace ruffled collar and sleeves will have your old man begging for more. Really, don’t you just wish you’d had this for your wedding night? Talk about instantaneous annulment. Glory me!
Without missing a step, we have what could be the most beautiful (on paper) muumuu that I have ever come across. I hear you…scoffing, sniggering, and full of smug doubt. Really the only thing that should really put this in the muumuu category would be the open and completely huge shape of this “dress.” It is a beautiful true blue with a pastel floral appliqué design on the front of the dress and on one of the sleeves, which should be noted are huge puffy sleeves with nice little shoulder pads and pleating. This is not your mother’s muumuu! Get it while you can!

Next, a tribute to one of my all time favorite shows, The Golden Girls. This outfit screams 1970’s loungewear with its subtly puffy sleeves, light blue velour, and asian style collar. (It’s all about the collar today, now isn’t it?)

Vintage Pierre Cardin blue 1970’s tracksuit. Thank you for being a friend.

Last but certainly not least is a tribute to the classic 80’s pseudo-streetwear, made-to—look-like-you’ve-got-a-long-sleeved-shirt-under-your-cutoff-muscle-sweatshirt…. sweatshirt. The painter’s cap is mine all mine (not for sale) but I wanted to rock it to show you I can electric boogaloo when I need to.

These and many more vintage treasures hitting the store today. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly things for your feets.

Here's something for your shiny/metallic/beaded shoe fix.
More great vintage "metal" clothing is in the process of being added to the store, so keep checking back!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Muscle Shirts and the women who love them

Do you ever feel like you hit a point in your life where you are standing in your closet and you realize not only are there a lot of outfits there that would follow the "if you haven't worn it in a year then you won't so get rid of it" rule but that there is a very strong chance that ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES fit into this category! That's actually a "What Not To Wear" moment. Not that my clothes or fashion sense are bad...don't get me wrong, my sense of personal style is immaculate and not to be questioned. What I mean is, that part of the show where they literally throw away all of their clothes, which let's get real, are very bad in most instances and should be thrown out. (Do not pass go, do not even thrift it please..less for me to dig through when treasure hunting). I love this part because they of course get a nice wad of dirty ones to go buy a whole new wardrobe with their bad sense of style PLUS 2 days of "re-training" from Stacey and Clinton.

My "WNTW" moment has come about, like I said not due to any shred of poor fashion taste, but due to circumstances. Like many of you out there, I have procreated. So I have pretty much zero social life currently. I wipe butts and when I can, I exercise incessantly. Other than that, when I run into some of my gorgeous girlfriends out on the town (while I am sweating up a storm hauling one child in a carrier with a loud toddler in tow), I can't even pretend to be mad at them for not inviting me along. This isn't junior high school where the friendship threesome is always being exploited by someone to get closer to someone else while even another someone else feels like a total dork because their parents don't let them spend the night out twice in one weekend for all of middle school. This is real life. Real feces needing removal and cleaning up. Real moufs to feed. You feel me?

So back to fashion. I have for the first time in my life acquired some real treasures for the proverbial gun show, so I am 100% obsessed with nothing but muscle shirts and since I can't walk around bottomless without giving my kids serious issues, either yoga pants, my old umbros, or some jean shorts that I would actually consider cute in a past life. But muscle shirts!! Muscle shirts are so fantastic, can I tell you? Please make one tonight. Follow these simple rules. Either make a muscle out of a shirt you could care less about (to practice your technique, because there is definitely a technique to this) then mow the lawn or wash your car in it if it sucks or is lopsided beyond repair. Or make one out of a shirt that is so ironically destined to become a muscle shirt that it just begs for the scissors. My old man is about to put me out, complaining I must stop right away. But let's get real, when a shirt says "Metropolitan Museum of Art" on the front of the shirt (with some bourgie artwork of course) and boasts "The Costume Institute" on the back of the shirt (with more artwork of course) AND the shirt is super soft and old and perfectly worn in AND the shirt has terrible sweat stains from years of honest to goodness wear from the previous owner, then that shirt absolutely was born, suckled and raised to become a muscle shirt.


Make one tonight. I promise it will make you feel super sexy. Or if it doesn't then get some weights because muscles are hot. Like I've said before ladies...get Sinewy. (Not so much Tom Hanks in Cast Away but more the beautiful and talented Linda Hamilton in Terminator.) Sinewy. Not Skinny. Skinny is so last year/decade/century.