Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Hair Inspiration for Undead Halloween looks

Happy Eve of" All Saints' Day!!

Hey errybody! This is the wig I will be wearing out tonight. I just wanted to share some hair inspiration for those of you with access to maggot jewelry custom made by the Filigree. (nyah nyah)

I have a square dancing dress that has blue shoulders and a blue and white body and for some reason makes me think of Alice's getup. I already had some black and white striped tights (as any red blooded american woman should)so to "zombify" them I just put them on underneath and then put a pair of well ripped up black pantyhose over it. So it has the duel effect of darkening the white in the tights but also making it look slightly more "toe up" for lack of a better term. I'll show some pics of the tights later...too lazy right now and rushing off to start the festivities for the night.

Maggot Barrettes (mother and child) on loan from the Filigree

Happy Halloween!