Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blog Fast Broken and just like breaking any fast, you have to start with a small cracker

I guess I'd qualify as a small cracker, as I am not on the tall side and I am definitely a cracker.
So there you have it. I'm your cracker. Nourish yourself with my white flourey goodness.
Now, to business.
Featuring the Daily Aigner for the ...Day!!..(duh)

Featuring this week's
Saturday Night Bootie

Ahhh....been gone a month and look at all the dad gummed new crap, right?! I know, I know....I hate it too, but look, I gotta try and keep it lively or rather, undeadly, or even I will get bored of this racket.

And I'm the obsessed one staring down these gorgeous foot coverings every night, not you!

I'm the one haunted and mocked by finding the perfect ever shoe in the history of the universe, in someone else's size!.... not you!!!

I'm the one rubbing oils and protective salves on these unappreciative and sometimes downright dirty ruffians!

I'm the one running up and down 3 flights of stairs every day trying to answer each and every question that might come my way....

What is the insole length?

Are they true to size?

Do they talk back? Seriously though, lets keep it undead sexy but moreso, lets try and make it fun and somewhat inane, again, for fun. Fun and Stupidly Fun, my kind of combination.

In that vein I offer to you "The Daily Aigner," and I give you "Saturday Night Bootie" my new category of shoe listings!!!

And you sit there unpeturbed and not even slightly surprised that I am actually trying to put every one of my store items into some sort of sale category. I'm such a capitalist ho. Anyways...

Check me out!!!

(oh yeah, you can leave now...this is it. I told you It'd be a cracker. Thats a morsel, remember?)

Love ya, mean it....