Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good things in store!

Good news!
For those of you with a lil walking around's a preview of some of the families of vagabond clothing and accessories that will be available for your purchasing pleasure *today.

Its like a game of Vintage Clothes Twister got just a lit-tle out of hand.

After these kids tap out, I will be working my little tail off posting a bunch of items to the store tonight because I have procrastinated too long and have got to let these little birds fly. If you love something you have to set it free, you know? So I'm doing it....I'm letting go....releasing them back into the wild.

And then if they fly out of your closet and back to my house and into my closet then it means they were really mine after all. I think that's how the old saying goes.

What I affectionately like to call boat shoes and also some moccosins

and then their wonderful baby offspring which are boat shoes with beaded moccosin tops.

My eyes are watering.

These boots were made for walkin' this instance...walkin' after midnight.

Snakeskin collection circa 1982-1987 (ish)

And yes...more metallics. Shine on.

There are good things in store for you. Glorious Day!

(*Note: We hold to the "COB" rule which allows for the close of my "business day" being the close of the actual day which means 12 midnight. So basically what I am trying to say is...this stuff won't really all get loaded until midnight at the soonest....but just know its on its way.)