Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Karloff's urbane mummy and undead style on the "silent" screen

I just wanted to post somethin' about Boris Karloff's incredibly stylish manner in the Mummy. I'm awful, I wanted to finish it earlier but I got tied up.

Oh gosh, I couldn't help that. Super sorry, all. For the cheesy pun and the tardy blog entry. I'm diggin myself a hole here....Back to Boris!!! What a dreamboat....

I believe this is called a tall drink of water.

So....I loved Boris Karloff's transformation after he makes his break from the crypt. What a babe!! So what if his skin looked like he had 12 mud masks just one on top of the other. Black kohl lined eyes, AND brows? Oh hell naw! And the harem pants & tunic getup? Insane.
I wanted to post some things to my Etsy shop and feature them here in honor of Boris Karloff's gender-bending, undead glam-mummy fashion metamorphosis. I will have to get it posted to the shop later, but for now you can just enjoy the pics below. I know these are totally from different times and countries, but they all reminded me of his simple yet debonair undead style. He lifted us up a bit with that performance. Any of us would be proud to call him our zombie breathren.

Enjoy and I'll try and get my crap together and post more frequently. I sleep 2-3 hours a night already, so I'll be needing a time machine or time stopper if anyone has one handy.

Turkish slippers? Can't read the writing on the label, sorry.

But it made me think of him in this movie.

That same style. Slippers for the undead sexy.

Oh Boris....your undead style was so fashion forward!

So sophisticated, straight from the crypt!!!

Indian Man's outfit, harem style pants and tunic top.