Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to do a Zombie Manicure for the enjoyment of your dear trick or treaters

Okay, so you're wanting to do something fun for Halloween but just can't bear to buy the nail decals or pay to have someone paint your nails some silly design in orange and black, eh? Well I think I have just the thing for you~~~

First you should make sure your nails are clean, dry and preferably short so as not to look too creepy or Elvira-y. Mine are currently short due to figgety behaviors like nail biting this week. How serendipidous!

Next you can paint all your other nails except leave one to be the "zombie." This is how I like to do it to really keep it as minimalist as possible. I usually do all red or all black except like I said...leave one nail. Preferably the meanest and baddest one you got.

After you've gotten your other nails painted as you like them, you just need to paint the zombie nail a base of white. While its drying you can read my blog or check out my etsy shop.

When the white nail enamel is dry, just dot it with 2 dots of black laquered nail polish for the eyes and a tiny little slit for a nose. I then try to do the smallest and thinnest mouth possible (see pic) This particular night I just couldn't get it right with the eyes and the nose, and my cuticles are atrocious, but you get the idea so I won't be losing any sleep over this "spread", I assure you.

She looks innocent enough, huh? Just you wait!!

The last step is the funnest part. Depending on my mood that day, the zombie will either have a moderate or an enormous amount of "blood" (red nail polish) coming down each side of her mouth, which for effect MUST drip down onto the skin of your fingers so as to not only remind someone of bleeding cuticles (nassssttyyyy....creeeppppyyyy) but also to add to that that classic and almost simple zombie Day of the Dead slash Beetlejuice style look which I prefer over the overly latexed and corn flaked zombie looks.

(sorry, no offense to my corn-flaked undead know its just cause I'm lazy and can't compete with your technique....I don't have 20 million hours to put on zombie facepaint although sometimes I wish I did)

Lastly, cover your nails in a speed dry coat or top coat which should seal it all in and help it last a couple more days. The fun part is the "blood" that is on your finger skin will eventually start to rub off which lessens the effect and then in a day or so (if you don't wash your hands it may last longer but that is not advised in flu season) it will only have the blood coming down the nail and stopping at the finger. HOW FUN!

This one's a bit janky, but so are all my are starting to understand me and I like that.

I made this up one day this past summer when I was unusually obsessed with the classic zombie look.

Who knows....maybe this type of mani could get viral! (pun not intended)

Thanks for checking me out!!! 1 day til Halloween!!