Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Metallic Clothing Installment #5,702

Just when you thought it was safe (to be bland) I hit you with even more metal!!

Check out some of the new items hitting the store today....

This slew of metallic duds will pull you in like a friggin' magnet!

All of it is vintage,
soft at times,
tough when it needs to be,
and always memorable.

What Cleopatra might wear if she was born in the 60's
...and liked keyhole necks

A silver shirt to end all other silver shirts (lives)

Metallic and Sheer (danger!! danger!!)

Who doesn't need a vintage gold metallic dolmas sleeved shirt?

Silver zip up turtleneck with puffy wrists

**Forehead vein not included

All this and mo' metal at ReanimatedRags.etsy.com

Thanks for checkin' me out, and hopefully these radical clothes didn't melt too many faces!