Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Defunct Business Venture

They're baaaaaaack!!

I know this may not mean a whit to anyone else but it does to me so here goes!!

Check out this season's new slew of rabidly cute zombie pencils promoting a defunct wanna be business that died before it even got off the ground. Or at least that's how the legend has it.

Family Portrait 2010 including some new freaks for your erasable writing adventures!

Love this homage to the handlebar mustache.
The handlebar bloodstache.
Dig it.

These guys are the seed that will soon become a whole revamping and reinvention of the
insane/evil/killer clown movement.
Oh, you didn't get the memo? That was the next phase of this ongoing fiasco.

This one is going to actually allow you to jot down a grocery list, mommies!
...rather than just make you pee your pants in utter fear. I left the blood off these for the pics cause I didn't want to give anyone nightmares...just yet.

okay...I lied...maybe just one! Just to get your adrenaline pumping!
(Pennywise, you can go ahead and start putting your resume out on
I think you've been replaced)

At this angle you can almost smell the lost dreams of a totally imaginary and non-viable industry...the country and western undead styling and photography industry.
Oh what? That's not an industry yet? Well, you just wait!

Luyu...and luuuuu those #2 pencils, baby! Check em out at my shop and who knows...maybe some of these will come crawling out of the next pair of oxfords or boots you may be buying from watch out.


Tuesday Trios

Feminine Dandy wear sold here today!

Faux wingtip oxfords with neutral flava perforating the whole shoe!

And the best black oxfords by J.Crew with hella detailing
for the sz 5 gender bender who means business.

Thanks for checking out this week's Tuesday Trios....Keep checking me out!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Trios! Late Entry, sorry...

Check me out, better late than never!!

My Tuesday Trio this past week was an homage to Tofurky Day.
Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!

Mustardy Goodness in a Pilgrim Pump

A little wobbly but shiny with style

And one pair from when I first opened the shop. I've had these gems a while.
Super fat buckles with beading all around the edges. Wow!

Thanks for checking me out, pilgrim!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Trios!!

I am starting a new shoe listing feature called "Tuesday Trios" and so I will try to list a trio of a certain genre of shoe every Tuesday. Today it is T-Straps!

Oh yeah, these last two were also "Dear Shoe Fairy" listings which means they're hybrids! Yeah, confusing, right? Maybe.... but I do reserve the right to do that since I'm the shop keep.
Learn it, love it.

Seeya next week for "Tuesday Trios!"

luyu, c

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Launch of a Flop

Best Sales Day Ever in Fat Rolls History!
Thanks to everyone who came out to check out my Fat Rolls at the 2nd Annual "Making Merry in Berry Hill". I think I heard someone say last year was their first year but if I'm wrong please send up a flair or something and let me know. It was a blast!

I gotcha Fat Rolls for sale!! Fat Rolls for sale right here!!

How appropriate to have "the earth's" coolest shoe being launched in the most low budget grassroots, literally on-the-grass its so grassroots way possible in the history of the land. Ya gotta start somewhere! Here, its right here at what I call "the foot's eye level", so that potential customers could walk right into them as they glide down the sidewalk.

Sneaky sneaky shoe salesperson. tsk tsk tsk....

Fat Rolls Grass Launch

Special pricing for local early adopters, plus the promise of free shipping if they ordered online.

It was our best sales day every and then we ended up beating it the next day with a large order from some friends who got some Christmas shopping knocked out in one fell swoop by shopping straight out of my husband's car when he visited to watch some football and it was still filled to the brim with shoes leftover from Saturday. Thanks E and J.
You made my day/week/month/year....

Stay tuned cause we're totally launching a flop and its definitely gonna grow on you.
Thanks to Heidi from Under The Guise for capturing the day for me. All of these pictures are by Heidi which was awesome since I totally forgot my camera in all the excitement! And a table so thanks to my bro for bringing that at the last minute earlier on Saturday!
(scatterbrained much?)

Thanks errrybody for a rad grass launch! See ya next year in Berry Hill.

Til then, check them out here

Thursday, November 11, 2010


My sis is a freakazoid for 11/11 or 11:11, so we are on cloud nine today. well actually, cloud 11.
So this one's for her!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Tractor Pics

Again, more pics from the Bells Bend Tractor Show a couple weeks back.

Ain't dat the truth?! (There should be a sign like this posted in heaven or wherever we live before we're made into human beings and start down this sometimes shitty and rocky road of life. Dayum..Deep.)

Sweet Rides

Tractor Babe

"Tractor Mama"
I stand corrected.

I loved this old rusty specimen. So primitive! So.. pointy!

One little part that wasn't metal and it was glass with a bit of oil in it.
So perfect. And beautiful!

And of course even with all the eye candy around in the way of tractors,
I still couldn't keep my camera off the shoes.
And yes, these were thrifted too.

Call it the scuffy toe discount. Nice.

Trying to look bigger by sitting on the smallest tractor there. I'm so transparent.

Please forgive this caption Mr W if you ever read this, but it has to be said.
" I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy (Late) Halloween! (Pictures) 2010

Halloween 2010 was happily spent luring my parents to the house, then running out the door and escaping our children and heading with my little sis to a friends party. This year's costume concept was simply brilliant, once again... (sorry, but it was brilliant. I can't lie, its impossible.)

We did Ari and Uzi Tennenbaum back in 2002, and then Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston in '08 (yeah, I know, lame... but I was hugely pregnant with no other serious options) and so we wanted to do another couples costume. I especially wanted to do an homage to Beetlejuice this year but instead of just rocking some pinstripes and calling it a day, I decided to do the Beetlejuice costume from the 2 minutes in the movie where he's dressed like Alec Baldwin's character. Super hilarious scene in a timeless classic and so it just had to be memorialized by moi and my old man. I think we did it justice. Especially seeing as how it was pulled together like the day before "ween".

I had a blast and yes, ladies, its super fun to be ugly for Halloween because you look in the mirror, frown at the ugliness, then remember that's what you were shooting for, then you smille and can say with conviction-- "Success!". And you are. You are a success in that moment.

Check out the lovely XTina rockin' a dress that was previously for sale in my shop but when I saw what she did with it with her radical Day of the Dead costume, it was impossible for me to imagine parting with it, so I deactivated the listing. I know, I know...I'm such a B, right? Well, you had your chance, suckas!!! She's back in the stockpile!! You can't go home again, my ass.

(Added later after original post: Here, I'm feeling generous.
You can see the listing picture from when it was listed. Yeah, you can look at it. But no touching.

I liked her facepaint WAYYYY better for this dress. How did I miss that?! Día de los Muertos? Hellooooo???? It's bordering on criminal in a shop themed like mine. No wonder it never sold.

So, we didn't get many pics but I think you get the gist, and I've kept it real by keeping one of these in even when I look pregnant with a pillow in my shirt. I'm a purist and Beetlejuice does have a beer belly in this scene so I had to do it, but it pained me...I'm not really one for the sexy costume thing that a lot of chicks like to do, although I gladly welcome it and think we need to take it even further (think sexy anti-gubment woodsman, sexy chimney sweep, sexy garbage woman, and the list goes on and on). Shoot, I'm a fan! I like to look at the skirts as much as the next guy. So as to compare, of course. Only to compare.

So anyway, keep planning those great costumes people! Its the only thing that separates us from the animals.


Oh and P.S. Speaking of the Day of the Dead, tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the death of the master Etienne Aigner. Check out his Obit here. So celebrate his life by buying some Aigs from me....or not. But yeah, R.I.P. Etienne. You were oxbloody awesome and you made rad things.

PPS Oh and mom, if you are reading this...That whole 'celebrate his life and buy a pair of shoes' thing just now...that was a joke. So don't start yappin' at me about being disrespectful or a capitalist bastard. It was only a joke. I hope they DON'T buy them, in fact! That's how much 'spect I got for E!