Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentimes Day! It's couples weekend!!!! week!

No one wants to feel alone on Valentimes Day weekend! Not even a pair of old shoes. So to celebrate this weekend and to commemorate love, friendship and companionship I am listing couples of pairs of shoes all weekend and cause I'm a softie and a capitalist, lets just say all week. So not one pair but two in a row that have something in common, share a brand name or style, somehow complement or contrast with the other pair or just seem like they belong together in some wacky way.

As with many things in my life, I am already a little late on this one as one couple of pairs already sold before I could even blog about it. Classic.

Don't get me started on the zombie pictures of new clothes I need to list that I've just been sitting on for 3 weeks and some of the boots I modeled the clothes with have sold. I gotta get control of my calendar, right? (picking up dirty laundry littering the hallway)

I mean, business is business!!! (kicking a wrapped up diaper out of the way)

I hope you enjoy. You know I just did this for you.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MEOWWW.....The cat's out the bag.

heyyyy.... so....

Wow and was I ever not ready for prime time. Everyone's (all 8 of you! And I luv ya!!) favorite garbage pail kid, shoe slingin' mommy just got some shouts I want to note here. Not so much for my own need to brag childishly (lie) but to give these ladies a nod for their awesome blogs and willingness to feature lil ole me and in a positive light if you can belie dat!! Seriously though, I was not and am not ready for prime time, so this is going to hurt a little. (oh, yeah, me more than you. Of course. You will not hurt AT ALL. This might even feel a little good cause it always feels good when you can laugh until your sides hurt. And yes, I think they will be laughing at me, not with me...)

Okay, so enough chitter chatter...what I am trying to say is that I really haven't uh....really announced to anyone that I am doing this whole ...(clearing throat)..uh vintage shopkeep slash exposed online diary thing. Except for a couple friends who either are complicit (you know who you are and you better keep your mouths shut if ya know whats good for ya) or stumbled upon it by happenstance (bless your little heart, it was like walking in on your grandparents wasn't it? Soooo sorry....). So I guess since its sort of out there (out past you 8 followers who I luvvvvvvv!! your early infectee status is eternally secured. Your reward will be great...) I might as well own it right? So what if I hear from some douche I never cared about anyway in college "wow, so you have a blog now? Nice face painting skills...." or who cares if my old boss who used to berate me while still somehow soliciting me calls and says on my voicemail "so...whats with the banner on your shop, oh...thats right, you don't have one...(snigger snigger)" So who cares if this B.S. comes my way. I must face it with courage and steadfastness. Bring it on, emmer effers. Right? Hey, its the old thrift store creed (or adult bookstore,,whatevers your cup of tea..), if you see someone there digging around for some new duds, its no worry, cause if anyone is actually embarrassed by this, then who cares cause the other person is also there. So whatever, it cancels the other out. Or something like that.

Okay, so enough of me trying to do this gracefully. I have a blog. I have an online shop.

Okay, its out there.

These awesome people shouted me out on their awesome blogs.

Check out their awesome blogs but like my dad used to tell me...never forget where you came from. You came from here, darlin'. So we're all GPKs and thats why we've found each other..and its a beautiful thing.

So no matter how great their blogs are, you get your ass back here when the street lights come on.

Ya hear me?


1. Check out Mother Firefly please. The lady knows her horror so I felt honored that she allowed me into the very coveted 7 ladies honored for being female horror bloggers. I'm not sure I should qualify cause really the only real horror on my site is my crappy facepaint skills, but I ain't givin it up now!! My award, all mine!!!
So, I guess this isn't the best time to tell you the last scary movie I saw was Clue.
Very scary.

2. If you're looking for pictoral evidence of the existence of Nashville hipsters and our local fashion nomads you should check out UnderTheGuise. Heidi is working to methodically capture all the gorgeous tidbits and expressions of style in our beloved town and thank goodness for it, cause its a big job, I assure you. Bravo and HeeHaw, Heidi!

3. LisaZain, vintage dealin' mogul and lets face it...unapologetic shoe fiend shouted out some of my newly listed babies under my new style category "Dear Shoe Fairy" so scroll down and check out some of her favorite shoes on Etsy and in the universe. Shoes are all around us. All you have to do is take the time to stop and appreciate them. Thanks for the shout, and congrats to Lisa as she approaches her 1000th Etsy sale.

Yeah, that was three zeros....INSANE!!!!

Thanks ladies!!!! (this is where I live, in case you need to get directions home)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uncontested Grunge staples for Southern hipsters

a firm handshake

a quiet eye

courage in the face of the cowpatties of life

a southern wink goodbye

Sold here today!

Ya'll come here >>>>>> ...ya hear!!?