Friday, October 30, 2009

Fast Times at Venus and Mars Showroom High

Talk about a smash and grab.....I probably spent longer throwing the makeup on and getting the wig not to look like something an old woman at a slot machine in a dumpy casino off the beaten path would wear. I unfortunately don't have the pictures ready yet but to whet your appetite I will just use this as a placeholder so you can get a feel for my costume. If you care, that is.

I thought surely that a party christened "Through the Looking Glass" would be filled to the gills with Alices, and I guess it was, but I was actually pretty surprised to find myself the only undead Alice. (unless she was in the ladies room and I missed her, in which case please accept my sincerest apologies, fellow Zombie Alice). I had worried that my regular run of the mill undead Alice would be too common that I went whole hog as Country & Western undead Alice in Wonderland, which I thought would make me safe. It did. Maybe too safe because not too many people wanted to approach me except for those with cameras. (is that bad?)

Delectable Adult Beverages served by handsome barkeeps, Spectacular decor both in the normal shop but also for the party, Super great costumes and high spirited dancing and fun by a cavalcade of people born from unapologetic sexual selection. Everything a good Halloween party should include, right? I have to admit it was fun mingling with the beautiful people. More pictures tomorrow! Have a good night and rest up....Halloween is here!!