Sunday, November 1, 2009

Only 364 Days til next Halloween!

Here's what I wore as my Halloween '09 Costume. Country and Western Interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, undead version. Pretty easy and last minute. The wig was lent from a friend who had a bagful of blond wigs (another blog for another day!) and maggot hair barrettes from The Filigree. Everything else was just mine from my collection. Vintage homemade square dancing dress, boots, 2 pairs of tights (hot!) and a vintage mosaic mandolin brooch/pin that I acquired off of Ebay years ago.

Yeah, so what if I am lazy and recycled the same costume 2 nights in a row. Friday night was short lived because my childcare window (sexy stuff here, huh?) was pretty slim, so I had to warp over to the Venus and Mars party, check out all the cool costumed partygoers, nod my head to some Daft Punk and down my 2 complimentary beverages. I got a couple cool pics and hopefully didn't melt too many eyeballs with my interpretation of Lewis Carroll's muse.

On a totally side note, CBS Sunday Morning did a spot on zombies in case you didn't catch it. We're totally mainstream man..... Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!