Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy (Late) Halloween! (Pictures) 2010

Halloween 2010 was happily spent luring my parents to the house, then running out the door and escaping our children and heading with my little sis to a friends party. This year's costume concept was simply brilliant, once again... (sorry, but it was brilliant. I can't lie, its impossible.)

We did Ari and Uzi Tennenbaum back in 2002, and then Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston in '08 (yeah, I know, lame... but I was hugely pregnant with no other serious options) and so we wanted to do another couples costume. I especially wanted to do an homage to Beetlejuice this year but instead of just rocking some pinstripes and calling it a day, I decided to do the Beetlejuice costume from the 2 minutes in the movie where he's dressed like Alec Baldwin's character. Super hilarious scene in a timeless classic and so it just had to be memorialized by moi and my old man. I think we did it justice. Especially seeing as how it was pulled together like the day before "ween".

I had a blast and yes, ladies, its super fun to be ugly for Halloween because you look in the mirror, frown at the ugliness, then remember that's what you were shooting for, then you smille and can say with conviction-- "Success!". And you are. You are a success in that moment.

Check out the lovely XTina rockin' a dress that was previously for sale in my shop but when I saw what she did with it with her radical Day of the Dead costume, it was impossible for me to imagine parting with it, so I deactivated the listing. I know, I know...I'm such a B, right? Well, you had your chance, suckas!!! She's back in the stockpile!! You can't go home again, my ass.

(Added later after original post: Here, I'm feeling generous.
You can see the listing picture from when it was listed. Yeah, you can look at it. But no touching.

I liked her facepaint WAYYYY better for this dress. How did I miss that?! Día de los Muertos? Hellooooo???? It's bordering on criminal in a shop themed like mine. No wonder it never sold.

So, we didn't get many pics but I think you get the gist, and I've kept it real by keeping one of these in even when I look pregnant with a pillow in my shirt. I'm a purist and Beetlejuice does have a beer belly in this scene so I had to do it, but it pained me...I'm not really one for the sexy costume thing that a lot of chicks like to do, although I gladly welcome it and think we need to take it even further (think sexy anti-gubment woodsman, sexy chimney sweep, sexy garbage woman, and the list goes on and on). Shoot, I'm a fan! I like to look at the skirts as much as the next guy. So as to compare, of course. Only to compare.

So anyway, keep planning those great costumes people! Its the only thing that separates us from the animals.


Oh and P.S. Speaking of the Day of the Dead, tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the death of the master Etienne Aigner. Check out his Obit here. So celebrate his life by buying some Aigs from me....or not. But yeah, R.I.P. Etienne. You were oxbloody awesome and you made rad things.

PPS Oh and mom, if you are reading this...That whole 'celebrate his life and buy a pair of shoes' thing just now...that was a joke. So don't start yappin' at me about being disrespectful or a capitalist bastard. It was only a joke. I hope they DON'T buy them, in fact! That's how much 'spect I got for E!