Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bells Bend Tractor Show (2010)

Just some pictures of the amazing and completely sexy (to me) tractors that we got to see at this years tractor show held at Bells Bend Park. I was like a zombie on Christmas morning. So super excited about this little neighborhood gathering even with a thousand other and much larger events going on this weekend in Nashville and surrounding counties. Oh yeah, and I just loved the sign for the show, seemingly pointing away from the park, but actually just at an entrance down the road. (there was head scratching involved for a moment here).

I was squinting to read the fine print font saying "now get the hell out of here!"
or something in that vein.
(We southerners can be some hospitable but blunt bastards.)

Farmall of me. Just farmall of me.
Don't leave even a little teeny tiny bit.

I am already a bit of a fetishist (for lack of a better term, obviously, because clearly I would have used it if I had a better one) for tractors. No, not an enthusiast. That implies some understanding of the machinery or mechanics in a tractor, which I have none past the simple instructions my better half has to shout at me (because I'm already rocking to the local top 40 stations in my noise cancelling but with AM/FM headphones) before I grunt a semi truthful positive affirmation of understanding and I chug along in 2nd speed down the yard into a good 2 hours of sweet and solitary mowing of our property. I love tractors.

I know, I am sooo non-photogenic*, hence the affection for something so
blatant as zombie facepaint in most of my blog pics, but just look at the tractors willya?
They are the eye candy here.
Get focused!

The front of Mr. Wests 1940-sumthin' beaut.
Sorry, you can see I'm not such of a scholar here but that don't matter none.
Mommy knows what mommy likes.

Shoot....the thing's got a huge saw at the front.

Gracious me!.. back that thang up indeed. This is too much. And it was yellow!
Love. No, scratch that.
Pure lust.

This is how we do tailgate parties in Scottsboro, TN.
We find it do you say??...oh yeah,..
Bad Ass.

I will save some for the next installment, cause this is definitely not the last you will see of tractors from moi.

Til then you can find me at the usual gathering of vintage goodies...


*This is not to imply that I think of myself as unattractive. I know I'm fine. I just don't do well on film. Its like the 3 extra chins and one closed eye come out the split second before a frame is taken. Augh. The humanity.