Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Defunct Business Venture

They're baaaaaaack!!

I know this may not mean a whit to anyone else but it does to me so here goes!!

Check out this season's new slew of rabidly cute zombie pencils promoting a defunct wanna be business that died before it even got off the ground. Or at least that's how the legend has it.

Family Portrait 2010 including some new freaks for your erasable writing adventures!

Love this homage to the handlebar mustache.
The handlebar bloodstache.
Dig it.

These guys are the seed that will soon become a whole revamping and reinvention of the
insane/evil/killer clown movement.
Oh, you didn't get the memo? That was the next phase of this ongoing fiasco.

This one is going to actually allow you to jot down a grocery list, mommies!
...rather than just make you pee your pants in utter fear. I left the blood off these for the pics cause I didn't want to give anyone nightmares...just yet.

okay...I lied...maybe just one! Just to get your adrenaline pumping!
(Pennywise, you can go ahead and start putting your resume out on
I think you've been replaced)

At this angle you can almost smell the lost dreams of a totally imaginary and non-viable industry...the country and western undead styling and photography industry.
Oh what? That's not an industry yet? Well, you just wait!

Luyu...and luuuuu those #2 pencils, baby! Check em out at my shop and who knows...maybe some of these will come crawling out of the next pair of oxfords or boots you may be buying from watch out.