Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Launch of a Flop

Best Sales Day Ever in Fat Rolls History!
Thanks to everyone who came out to check out my Fat Rolls at the 2nd Annual "Making Merry in Berry Hill". I think I heard someone say last year was their first year but if I'm wrong please send up a flair or something and let me know. It was a blast!

I gotcha Fat Rolls for sale!! Fat Rolls for sale right here!!

How appropriate to have "the earth's" coolest shoe being launched in the most low budget grassroots, literally on-the-grass its so grassroots way possible in the history of the land. Ya gotta start somewhere! Here, its right here at what I call "the foot's eye level", so that potential customers could walk right into them as they glide down the sidewalk.

Sneaky sneaky shoe salesperson. tsk tsk tsk....

Fat Rolls Grass Launch

Special pricing for local early adopters, plus the promise of free shipping if they ordered online.

It was our best sales day every and then we ended up beating it the next day with a large order from some friends who got some Christmas shopping knocked out in one fell swoop by shopping straight out of my husband's car when he visited to watch some football and it was still filled to the brim with shoes leftover from Saturday. Thanks E and J.
You made my day/week/month/year....

Stay tuned cause we're totally launching a flop and its definitely gonna grow on you.
Thanks to Heidi from Under The Guise for capturing the day for me. All of these pictures are by Heidi which was awesome since I totally forgot my camera in all the excitement! And a table so thanks to my bro for bringing that at the last minute earlier on Saturday!
(scatterbrained much?)

Thanks errrybody for a rad grass launch! See ya next year in Berry Hill.

Til then, check them out here