Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shedding your old skin

I can't get anything done. If its not the deafening cicadas in the day its getting caught up into my 12th accidental/on purpose viewing of Lady Gaga's Monster's Ball at Madison Square Garden on HBO late at night. At least that distraction is enjoyable. The laundry is still just sitting there. And these shoes won't list themselves! Distraction: Its my middle name.

Just a shell of a man. Oh wait, that is a cicada.


These guys are loitering like a mug!

And now for some non life forms shedding their skin. I love it when undead things imitate us. "Us" meaning humans and animals...living things, duh. "Undead things" meaning just that, not alive, but also not dead. "Non-living things", I guess you could say if you wanted to just be a bitch about it. But I think they do have some kind of life in them so they can be undead, which just sounds bad assier.

This is a playground shedding its skin but I won't let it! I love this so much it hurts me physically. All the rawness, the colors underneath. It betrays all the years it endured new colors and horrible paintjobs. Its like the rings in a tree showing you its age.

Damn, I'm deep.

Okay, I won't talk over the playground....

These broken fragments of someone's dear precious history.
This playground equipment means something to this world.
It promoted Play! What a gift to all of us.

It means something to me.

It gives me inspiration and perspective. A frame, in fact.
And now I offer you that frame as well.
I hope you like...

Stay undead my dear ones....keep growing and changing for the better...And for goodness' sake stay strong even if you lose some skin in the process.

xoxo, rr

P.S. Speaking of shedding skin....snake pictures coming up next time! ( I do live in the country). And of course some images of serpent flesh so stay tuned.