Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jankied Deviled Eggs

These are some really janky boiled eggs I made to prepare some deviled eggs for my granddaddy a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I'm not the best egg boiler in the west so the peeling part got really and truly wicked.

We lost a lot of good men in that stainless steel sink. Let's just say a fair amount of protein vanished forever, not to be recovered.

It was not cute.

But....I still used them, (naturally, you know this...) and yeah, they tasted the same as eggs that look cute after they are peeled. (Again, Shocker!)

It's sort of sad when you stop caring, but its also understandably liberating. So I reckon this means I am maturing....changing even.

I am growing.

So that being the case, I think I can actually verbalize it now, with a peace that surpasses all else---

"I will never be a food network superstar."