Friday, May 27, 2011


Just one of those fun things to see when you walk into your garage. Two super long snakeskins just dangling from the rafters. Attention!

So we've left them up there a while cause its just creepy cool but finally I couldn't wait any longer and I had to have at least one of them. So I got one of them down to use as a photo prop. Also completely coincidentally I found a kite in the garage I forgot I'd even bought called a Sky Serpent. Weeeiiirrd.

Talk about daily distractions. Now I want to "go fly a kite"! Sheesh. And how about those sweet white leather pumps by Bass. Must list. But had to try them on just for this trip outside since they are too big for me and I won't be able to enjoy them ever again, except in pictures. Make it worth it, mommie!

All your sexy white leather Bass vintage pumps are belong to mommie.

This snakeskin is bad to the bone. I gotta get some more pics up of it in various situations but for now this will be it. Currently its in my room hanging from the ceiling over a vintage Robert Redford poster in my office area. I think I'll call it "Robert."