Friday, May 20, 2011

Jesus Power

I couldn't get a good shot of it because the flash on my sister's otherwise amazingly rad camera was broken and also my kid couldn't stay still for 2 seconds. So here are some pics of what appear to be ghosts running around a toy train track. The yellow shirt says Jesus Power on the big heart in 1970s letters and I just love it so I got it (& not the first time I've thrifted another church's shirt and why not advertise a place of worship? We wear everything else under the sun blazed across our chests.)

Messy house...don't judge me.

Not to be too name-droppy but that rad painting in the back is one my mom did when we were kids ourselves and I was obsessed with it cause she used actual gold leaf in it.
She's local famous. With me at least.

The nun lockers on the left used to be in St. Bernard Academy. Also on loan from Granny.

They grow up so fast.

And if there was any question those are indeed Thomas the Train moon boots my sister thrifted him.

They are too small but he found them hidden in the closet while he was in time-out. So I guess in a weird way while he was "on punishment" he rewarded himself by wearing his favorite albeit too-small boots. ???

If someone can extrapolate this into a life lesson please offer it now.

Jesus Power.