Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Horror of a Desk

I gotta clean this messy desk!! Its just awful and this is only the tiny portion of it that I was willing to show you. The "cute" angle. The sucking-in-the-gut shot.

But the pencils really distract in a delightful way I think.

Horror+ Adorable = "Horror-able" . Better search that and see if its been done. If not, I'm a millionaire!

You ain't even ready.....but if you want to try you can see more of my "Love You 2" Pencils here or here. I'm really into the Killer Clown homage right now so you'll probably see some frightening buffoons in your parcel if you order somethin' from my shop right now cause I've been trying to include one in every order for the past couple months since I got a new supply of eyeballs and hair, etc. Well you won't get one of the really snazzy ones you're seeing here, but at least you might score one of my rejects with paint blobs in their hair, googly eyes that have dried slightly askew or ones with messed up hairdos. Sorry, just being real with you that it won't be the sexy one with a sequin bow that took me hours to doll up, cause you're mainly getting it for free cause I'm a whore for branding. Its like a biz card, alright?! Only hairy and with eyes that appear to watch you from all angles cause they are in fact googly with evil. Anyways, back to the wicked little knaves. I have a ton of colored pom poms so I've been snatching out all the red ones for their little red foam noses. Total creepazoids. Check them out...

The white sequin bowtie on this one paired with the neon orange hair just keeps me awake at night knowing it hasn't sold and any minute it could just rip my throat out.
Or something gross like that. Lead poisoning, maybe?? Even worse!

It looks like its just asleep....but wait. Don't get too close!

Oh now look what you've done. You're a goner.

Puttin on the Ritz! And the white face paint, the red nose and the blood.
Don't forget the blood.

He might look like Beaker from the Muppets but don't let it fool ya...he totally would make your skin into a leotard or a pencil case or whatever using his top of the line Brother sewing machine. Seriously, he would if he had the chance, so keep sharp! Oh wait, don't sharpen him. That would be way worse.

Just pure, silly evil. That foam nose is sniffing out all your fear and lets just say he's got your number. You know he does. It's cool, I'm scared of them too. That's why I do this, silly billy.

Luyu, rr

To see more undead pencils you can peep this post from a while back. Or this one from more recently.
Like I said, you ain't even ready...