Friday, April 8, 2011

Zombie Mommie (Please imagine with hearts over the "i's"

Just a good Christian zombie housewife.
From the South.
Oh, that not good enough for ya?
In a Laura Ashley dress.

The freshly cut grass just made my forehead vein pop out with joy.
Work with me, here.

I don't know why I felt led to show off one of my amazing calf muscles in this picture.
(I have two of them)
But go on ahead and enjoy it while ya got it.
I'm not usually this much of an exhibitionist.

But in all seriousness, the vintage military boots make it.
This total tea party dress, that is.

Then I saw offspring. My young.

Yea, time for a quick game of chase. The paparazzi can wait.
(Er, I mean my husband holding a camera out of obligation.)

Yeah, I used "Er" what?!! I'm bringing it back, ya'll!!

They're gonna get the hug of their life!!
From "zombie mommie"! ("Ew....Scerrrwwwyyyy!!!")

Hubby said not to "scare the kids". Isn't that sad?
It's not like I'm a banker or Wall Street douchebag or something.

This is honest work.

I mean it's only corn syrup.
Generic corn syrup.

Want to try it?

This is actually worse parenting for him to be allowed to taste this concoction. Which is in most candy he would be allowed to eat at any given birthday party. So no, I won't be feeling bad that the kids saw "zombie mommie."

Always with the branding, huh mom? Guess I'll just have to lick it off, really?
Poor me.

Zombies are trendy cause even babies like them.

Starting to get dark out.

ruffles mean I'm girly!