Friday, May 7, 2010

My own Sleepy Hollow complete with Mother Nature's mean ass slip and slide (patent pending)

just a gratuitous rushing of water

Driveway V. Creek

A dead tree stuck on the border between two properties.
Looks like a lot of bugs and birds have a new home,
cause this is way out of our pay grade.
(Its hard to believe the water level was so high it picked this up like a toothpick
and needled it in between this grate and a barbed wire fence a foot above it.
Insane. )

Mother Nature
combined with 3 years of a broken down 1949 Ford 9N tractor
makes for a mean ass slip and slide

Our thoughts go out to all the families, individuals and organizations who've experienced loss during this massive weather event we just experienced in our great state. I know new life hides just below the surface, so I approach summer with thanksgiving and hope.

Side note: I'm so happy I could barf cause we finally got a new mower so this will all be gone tomorrow. So enjoy the lush wildness because its all croquet courses and badminton courts from here on out.