Friday, May 28, 2010

Sorry, another Aig entry. I'm certifiable at this point.

Okay, so I think this may solve my Aigner and my "Daily" issue. I am going to break all the rules (rebel) that don't even exist, because nothing really exists in my store... its an Existential thing (airhead philosopher turned capitalist entrepreneur slash glorified lemonstand owner).

So, to put an end to this mess, I am going to just get all of my Aigs out of my little brother's storage unit (read "mommy's shoe hoarding cave") and I am going to just start with the next date owed to you gorgeous people, which I swear is like the 18th or something and just go from there and freaking list these babies as fast as my little legs can take me. (slow)

I don't care if I end up way into the future on this stuff, it would make more sense than being late. In fact it may even create chronological symmetry seeing as how this is vintage we're talking about and our friend Etienne is already in the spirit world drinking a negra modelo with a lime and not giving a shit. (That is what they drink in heaven, right?) Who is there to offend?

I mean, why not do entries early if I want to? No one's really going to complain are they? (threatening fist). summarize: Etienne already supplied the "late" and the "great" for this matter, so I just gotta come correct on the Aigners.

I'll catch ya'll later on in the week. I have a storage unit I need to tend to.....