Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Not So Daily Aigner

I know some of you may be wondering why I started a featured listing called "The Daily Aigner" only to end up listing it weekly or late by a couple days, etc. I mean, all you have to do is look at the date on the listing and the date it was actually listed to see that I am waayyyyy beyond what could politely be described as "chronically late." I'm uh....morbidly late.

Now, to do some sort of fashion penance, I just out myself right then and there by confessing my lateness right there in the title:
The Late Daily Aigner, The Fashionably Late Daily Aigner, The Extremely Tardy, The Lately Listed, etc etc... But now I'm running out of names!! What's a girl to do?

Maybe you've even suspected that after almost 3 months straight of doing this daily that I am running out of Aigs even. But you're wrong. I am not out of Aigners. I'm out of "The Daily". Who ever has enough Day to get them through their Daily? Deep thoughts by your favorite undead shoe slingin' Garbage Pail Mommy. (are there any others? cool, then I win)

So after this weekend I promise I'll try to do better...But I'm still testing some of 'em first...
Just some quality control, that's all. I think I'll call this one "The Company Ink" cause I am definitely dipping into it like its an ice cream sundae.


Thanks for supporting the master Mister Etienne...and keep checkin' out my Aigs!