Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back on the Wag

Not that anyone really cares but I am really trying hard to get myself to write more. I am pretty busy/distracted right now in my life, but also I can be quite lazy when I do get a free second (that's what its for, right*!?!) which makes for a bad mix with writing. Just taking a second to write helps me clear my head sometimes so I must try to do it more selfishly and not care what any of you might think. That is, any one of you 3-7 people in my family or friends circle that read this blog. Look at me---damn, I went there. I sound like Fantastic Mr. Fox talking about his column.

God I love that movie.

And dadgummit if it isn't a totally accurate depiction of foxes as it turns out. Well I mean in personality, looks and swagger. Sure, FMF is a bit more on the urbane side. I'm not gonna lie: Our foxes are country as hell, travel in packs, don't articulate quite as clearly and they are naked every time I see them. With fat squirrel tails.

We have a couple that sometimes hangs out in our backyard and when they make an appearance we are so fixated on them we stop what we're doing, usually me at the sink sandblasting the egg yolk off the breakfast plates, kids at the table or the other window trying to peer out and watch these guys sit there and lazily lick themselves and scratch their ears. We are hooked.

"Crazy like a me!"

Poor things look sort of mangy sometimes but still super cute and the coolest color red with some black white and gold highlights cause he's a Commodore or something, I dunno. I love anything with an Italian Greyhound looking body, a cat head and a squirrel bordering on ferret tail.It's such a cool hybrid! God totally rocked it out on this one! (air guitar)
These pics were taken through our kitchen window so not as clear
and he wasn't really doing anything but chillin.

Cause he's a foxxxx.

He's pretty dwarfed by our overgrown grape arbor as you can see in the above picture, for reference.
(yah yah, there is an old grape arbor on the property that needs mega maintenance and restoration. Dang. ...I'll get to it, I'll get to it...It's on the "to do" list right after "Get back into wine making" and right before "tap our maple trees for syrup"....sheessh.

You sucks sometimes being in such a cool world with so many choices of rad and fun things you have to choose from cause you can't do it all. If you can't get my Louis bite, check this...

God I love that man.


Anyway, back to our WYLD FOXES!!

From this angle he looks perched on the wood but in reality that is our deck and he's clearly in the grass way behind it. Couldn't get any better than this cause his wily butt jetted off after spotting me. The puss.

I love watching them run away not knowing we are their biggest fans and would never hurt them. The picture I am posting is super bad but its the closest I could get and then one of them ran off and the other waited a second, saw me and jetted. It was such a kick in the groin cause I was trying to get a picture of them in the wild, not through my window, so I went out of my deck door to take the shot when he spotted me. Wily fella. I went and took a random snack of fruit and nuts to Reuben's memorial stone which was close to their hangout and set it there as a snack cause I found out they like that stuff. So I'm trying to provide for the little guys. I'm into it.

Check out our friendly fox.

xoxo, rr