Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reality Checks Bite (Cross Stitch Wisdom)

Let me help you read this rad cross-stitch by typing it out below,
because "Altho" I did my best to zoom in, its still hard as heck to read.


"Altho You'll find our house a mess, come in-- sit down converse.
It doesn't always look like this, sometimes--its even worse.
Welcome To Our Country Home"

Not that I couldn't cross stitch the you-know-what out of this design (if I had the time), I can't actually take credit for this amazing albeit hard to read specimen. Well I can take credit a little bit, but not for making it. The person who made it or perhaps a traitorous relative or possibly lunatic but well meaning friend discarded it while helping the owner tidy up and I do use that word on purpose. Discarded. Because even thrift stores have dumpsters in the back lot (dadgummed rich ass country of ours) so you never know where your amazing and rootin' tootin' radical homemade artifact you so lovingly "donated" could end up. Someone spent some time and definitely some wit on this bad boy. Love it and love everything the two owls stand for. (whatever, birds, I ain't no naturalist!). Seriously though,dude...this could have ended up in the trash, dadgummit!!! And (speaking of biting), to nibble Raul Malo, "what a cryin' shame" cause its just so TUFF and so quaintly and unabashedly honest, isn't it?

Pure wisdom, too! Love and yet honesty. It says, "Welcome to my dump, don't say anything about the dishes piled in the sink." Not all of us in the south are belles. I mean, of course, I am, but I'm still an icy hot mess on a warm winter's day, as you have probably figured out by now.

And bless this mess.

Bless it hard. (everyone say Amen!)