Monday, September 19, 2011

Undead Living, Country Style.

I miss my tomato garden.

I reckon
the deer
and peafowl
and foxes
and groundhogs
and chickens
and all the other animals
who helped themselves
miss it too.

Oh least I'm not the only one. (grrr)

(And yes, that is our "cowpool" in the background,
and yes, those are lawn chairs around it but usually we put them right in the pool.)

We keep it country.

Strawberry lemonade served in a honey jar.
Not trying to be cool here and no I don't remember the "recipe."
Okay, had lemon guts and strawberry blood in it
and of course diabetes generator sugar
and good old filtered cold-as-it-can-get-without-being-ice--water.

That's all I got.

And the jar is simply cause its all we drink out of (and not the cool ones like mason jars, oh no!! That's for when we have company over or special occasions) so this was the prettiest one I had clean at the moment and it was huge which I love drinking out of the hugest jars I can find just to be competitive with myself on how much green tea I can drink or whatever....
Lately we're big on the Party Dip (salsa from TX) jars with the labels still half attached that we really should have just taken straight to the recycling bin but tried to squeeze just a little more life out of them, if ya know what I mean.

Again, keepin' it COUNTRY.

Country moms like me can wear a muscle tee and yoga pants to the party. And we don't even really worry about things like store bought cakes or whatever. This happens to be a homemade "Yummy Good Cake" decorated with strawberries, blueberries and ....(wait for it)...blow pops.


In the country we like to spruce up our 1970s chandeliers
with cobwebs and vintage fishing lures and hooks.

Just cause.

Just cause we're country, that is.

Turbo Country.

That's how I'm livin'! ~ rr