Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Icy Hot Mess: A series of self revealing photographic dry heaves. (cause you gotta start somewhere)

Even a unicorn can't sit on her laurels anymore.

She's gotta have like 19 pieces of flair, some ornamental peacock feathers to infer swag,
a bowtie made of money, a tutu and a sheriff badge (or somethin'.)

The horn is just the bare minimum.

Even extinct and fantasy animals have to put their best hoof forward.
It's 2011 and things have changed. No more free rides.


This is Pinny.
Pinny the Pinata.

Pinny is my most loyal fake mascot.

She never talks back, she's always smiling
and her hair only fades into a cuter and paler pink each year.

So she gets to stay.

What can I say?
It just needed that little somethin' extra.

And that somethin' was red paint made to look like blood.

Sorry, I just think these nursury animals looked creepy without it!!!

(Trust me on this one)

Got crafts needin' tendin'

Got clothes needin' mendin'

Got some vehicles needin' fixin'

And some stuff needin' listin'

Downstairs windows need some washin'

And some shoes need some *tossin'!

We've moved past this being a Traditional or even (dare I say) Contemporary "hot mess."
This one is ICY hot.

And it glides right on.


*not my shoes, yours. Specifically those old nasty flip flops you got!
Buy some of mine!!! (you know you're curious).