Monday, March 14, 2011

Genetically Modified Deliciousness

Let me hollar at ya'll. See this? No, not the pickled jalepenos or the smart balance tub, although those items do tell you a lot about me as a consumer and as an eater (a hothead, really into nachos, watches cholesterol, blah blah blah). No but seriously...Check this thing that's hiding out in my cheese drawer for shit's sake!!

Scary, right?!

This freak of nature is going to be made into something yummy and dare I say downright nostalgic. That said, as much as I may be an aspiring fruititarian, I kind of hesitate before chowing down on one of these guys...cause I just feel they are the freakish manifestation of that sprawly, greedy, food-factory-rather-than-home-farmy type of culture that is ever with us, gnawing away at us and bringing out the worst in us...Don't get me started! (too late). The domestic arts are forcing me into the face of this "berry on roids" and I must be the victor. Rahrrrrrr. wish me luck ya'll!! I am barely as big as this monstrosity. Send mucho twinkle power pretty please. Sugar on top.

I will keep you posted but this is the "before" in what will be a pretty rad final product and hopefully will give me a rather "juicy" redemption of the appetites. (sorry, been watching a bit of "Dead like me" while doing my running in place thing I do when I must multitask my entertainment with my fitness.) about genetic freaks. Lazing while working out. Makes perfect sense.