Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blast from the Past

The raw materials

I was inspired by these genetic freaks to create a 4 finger ring like the ones I used to see sold in the old "Joe and Lee Market" (later just "Choe's") at the end of my street when I was a teenager. That same market that used to sell 64 oz jugs of Private Stock to my friends even while sporting their high school wrestling cheerleader uniforms and purchasing these Methuselahs of Malt Liquor with blow pops to help get the booze down quicker.

Seriously? Come on, "Joe".

Now the place is leveled and a huge complex sits there with lots of shops and gourmet popsicles and fancy burgers. Much better for the ole' hood but maybe a little less gritty and definitely more gentrified.

So back to the point! Check out these specimens. Updated to reflect these less illicit and sadly a little more "cutesy" times.

Here's a little 2 finger number cause it was a bit smaller so I worked with what I had.

And the mother lode.
(pun not intended)

Seriously don't these cut outs look like hearts? I am such a softie.
Even when I'm trying to be hard I come off as soft.
Trying to kill the cutesie.

Told him to raise his clenched fist but this turned out much less hard than I'd hoped for.
Love his little underbite thing he's starting to do now sometimes.

The other offspring wanted one too so I ended up making 2 of them.

"It's cold, mommy!! It's cold!"
Thats right, son... ice cold.

Me wearing the 4 finger masterpiece.
So creepy with the dripping juices all over my veiny* hands.


View from the inside of the ring.

Total zombie housewifery and kiddy crafts at its very finest.


That's what I thought!

Glad we see eye to eye now. (punching fist into palm of other hand looking intimidating as bleep but spraying strawberry juice everywhere).

So in the meantime check me out here.

I'll be waiting...


*(that's right, I'm comfortable with myself enough to use my aging hands as material)