Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Longtime listener, first-time caller

So I used to host a radio show in a previous lifetime, and I remember the first show I did like it was just yesterday. I couldn't fathom getting on the mic and just talking (!!?) to the world, even though basically it was student-operated and only transmitted around 100 miles in every direction at that time. I act like I was going on Oprah or something. There has always been a little of that shyness there, so I guess it remains now as I type this, knowing one day at least my family members might read it, much less my friends or better yet....all you beautiful strangers out there who might be up, sleepless, trying to bore yourself into a nod and somehow landed here due to some weird search terms you typed in, and then for whatever reason you stuck around to crawl into my brain for a minute.
I am going to try and not over-think this too much. In hindsight, I think the part that got me when we were trainees was hearing some statistic that every caller you got during your show represented something crazy like 100 people who were listening to you but not calling in. So you do the math. With the time slot I had...lets just say lots of lonely people and sometimes the occasional incarcerated soul would call me to make a request. So you can only imagine the nerves I had when you think of that type of statistical number multiplying. Lets just say I tried to fill every request I possibly could...without floating one of the seven deadly words out there into the airwaves. Not cool violatin' FCC and gettin' your station poopcanned, especially as a rookie with a crappy timeslot.
So here's to all the lonely people.
Try and get some rest tonight. And I'll try not to float too many turds out there into the 'sphere' while you're gone.