Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Clean or Spring Fling?

To keep or to sell.

To wear or to toss.  

DON'T GET IT TWISTED, just cause I'm 20 pounds bigger than I'd like to be about now don't mean I'm letting go of my little teeny tiny clothes! I'm coming back, bitches. I'm comin back.

But still--some of these clothes are way too much for one girl...  and damn.. some are too TOO MUCH, girl!

I am tryin' to let go, of all sorts of cool stuff I have hoarded for decades in some instances. The silly and the fun and the sexy and the homely. Dresses for hoards of fashion zombies and yeah, I meant to say "HOARDS!" What a word. Gets my blood pumping for sure. Letting go will be good for mama's wallet but it won't come easy.  It pains me but it also feels good, so I am letting my closet get worked out and I'm  helping my wallet hoard some damn dollas!!!

(pictures to follow....stay tuned)

xoxo, rr