Monday, June 27, 2011

Rolls at Roo--- Part Two

Loretta Lynn's sign (cause that was it from my vantage point)
but man did the top of her hair look gooooood.

No pictures of Elson's show but I did break away from "work" to see Karen Elson play and also the great Loretta Lynn. In both instances I was so far away since I just rolled up (no pun intended) and so the best I got was this one picture at Loretta's show and I am sad to say I couldn't even get a picture with her in it. With my height being what it is, I was barely able to see the top of her coiffure but what I did see was mighty fine. Karen rocked it too, big surprise. Local girl makes good. (music)

But if you do want to see some stunning pictures of Ms.Elson please check out these rad pictures here by Heidi Jewell of Under The Guise, another local girl making good. (pics)

"What the f**k is a Fat Roll?!" -Lewis Black

Highlight of the whole week unquestionably was meeting Lewis Black and Kathleen Madigan. They were across the way and my sister motioned them over and I guess curiosity got the best of them with our signage so they strolled over with video camera person in tow. They were gracious enough to let us get our picture taken with them, which I will cherish forever even though I look caked with dirt because I was. I'm also wearing my favorite vintage shirt which is the t-shirt from the Cyndi Lauper concert I went to in 4th grade in 1987. ish. Kathleen commented on it and I told them the story of how Cyndi ended the show by climbing into a metal garbage can which was then lifted up into the air and over the crowd while she sang.
And that the Bangles opened for her.

What can I say?
They needed to know.

We met them on Thursday evening and it was our slowest sales day but that pretty much made me feel like a total player so I didn't give a crap that my pockets were full of lint. You can't pay for stuff like that. It was so incredible. Must add that quote to my requested engravings for my tombstone. Right next to the one Mike Judge gave me in the form of a pretty significant compliment when he told me I was "funnier than average." That was about a year or more ago and it still makes me want to die* just so my family can commence with the chiseling and I can face all my friends out. Yeah, I'll be laughing all the way to the bank. The big bank in the sky.

xoxo, c

*Painlessly and with a lot of glory, please.
* Just kidding, please disregard this. I was trying to be shocking and funny and it doesn't reflect my true state of mind regarding my EOL plans. In other words, I don't want to die just so I can face out my friends by having a tricked out tombstone.