Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentimes Day! It's couples weekend!!!! week!

No one wants to feel alone on Valentimes Day weekend! Not even a pair of old shoes. So to celebrate this weekend and to commemorate love, friendship and companionship I am listing couples of pairs of shoes all weekend and cause I'm a softie and a capitalist, lets just say all week. So not one pair but two in a row that have something in common, share a brand name or style, somehow complement or contrast with the other pair or just seem like they belong together in some wacky way.

As with many things in my life, I am already a little late on this one as one couple of pairs already sold before I could even blog about it. Classic.

Don't get me started on the zombie pictures of new clothes I need to list that I've just been sitting on for 3 weeks and some of the boots I modeled the clothes with have sold. I gotta get control of my calendar, right? (picking up dirty laundry littering the hallway)

I mean, business is business!!! (kicking a wrapped up diaper out of the way)

I hope you enjoy. You know I just did this for you.